EDTU Joins Conservation Resource Alliance

EDTU Joins Conservation Resource Alliance to Invest in Sensible Conservation

Protecting some of the country’s most spectacular rivers for as long as the waters flow clear and unbridled. How’s that for an ambitious long-term goal? The Conservation Resource Alliance is making it happen through their River Care Program. Based in Traverse City Michigan, CRA is coordinating projects on 15 watersheds throughout thirteen counties and there is still plenty more work to be done. Partnering with many diverse stakeholders to get real work done is what sets CRA apart from many other groups. It also makes them a natural teammate for Trout Unlimited.

The value of northern Michigan’s beautiful natural resources is measured in part by the stewardship and interest of so many CRA supporters. Private dollars are making up more and more of their annual budget each year as they strive to keep pace with increasing pressure and declining government resources. Foundation grants and private donations are critical, in some cases go toward matching funds, and occasionally they support an entire project. The Elliott Donnelly Chapter of TU recently joined the River Care effort with a grant to CRA of $2,500 for habitat and restoration efforts on these very special northern streams.

People who care are helping to change the future for Michigan’s natural
resources. CRA’s individual membership has continued to increase in numbers
and willingness to dig in with hands on commitment. Anyone with a passion for
moving water and pristine wilderness will benefit by becoming a supporting
member of CRA. Trout Unlimited members can increase their impact my also
joining this dedicated organization. Learn more and join CRA on line at
www.rivercare.org or contact them to at: Conservation Resource Alliance 10850
Traverse Hwy. Suite 1111, Traverse City, Michigan 49684, phone- (231) 946-
6817. CRA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, making your donations tax-deductible.