Greetings from Mart Owens

(Jim Coursey: I’m sure most of you remember chapter member Marty Owens. Marty was active in the chapter and becoming more active when employment dragged him to the great northwest. Recently Marty sent me the following e-mail)

Must be great to be in Chicago today with the White Sox winning the World Series last night. My wife and I didn't miss a minute of any of the series, and we watched the WGN coverage of Chicago after the game. It's been too long since a World Series was celebrated in Chicago!

But enough about baseball, let's talk fishing. Alisa and I got to fish the Klickatat River, in South Central Washington, for steelhead last Saturday, 10.22.05. WOW was it great! The 'Klick,' as it is called locally, gets its start on the glaciers on Mt. Adams and flows 72 miles until it reaches the Colombia about 8 mile east and across the Colombia from the town of Hood River, OR; all of 60 miles from downtown Portland. Everyone knows the Deschutes River, and that is fine, but the Klick is a LOVELY jewel of a river that is just as productive with none of the crowds the Deschutes gets. We saw a total of 10 other fisherman all day (8 on the bank or in the river, and 2 floating in pontoon rafts)...imagine how many people were on the Deschutes the same day! What a day; we floated 5 mile of the upper river, I hooked, but did not land, my first steelhead less than 5 minutes on the river...proceeded to catch branches in the river all morning...hooked bushes and trees...actually boated a rock (a first for me!)...did not hook a fish the rest of the morning...ate grilled NY strip steak, corn-on-the-cob, potatoes au-gratin and French bread our guide prepared for us for lunch...broke my Sage rod shortly after lunch...and than hooked my first PNW steelhead, a native, on my back-up Ecco rod I purchased for next to nothing (salesman's sample) at the annual winter fly show in Oak Brook 2 years ago! As the attached photo shows, he's a native beauty. I hooked additional steelies after that, but none are as good as your first. I'm going to write a complete letter / story of the day for my friends in Chicago, but I could not wait to share some of the details; thank goodness you sent me the newsletter, so I have someone to blah, blah, blah to.

I hope all is well for you and everyone in Chicago. I'll make sure Gerber sends some items for the fund raiser, as we did last year.

Best regards,
Martin Owens