Nohr Chapter says thank you!


August 18, 2013

RE: Grant to Nohr TU

We wish to thank you very much for your support and grant of $4000 for our 2013 work.

With the weather and such we are just getting done with last year’s project. We will soon start on the upper end of Big Rock in Iowa County. Unfortunately the rest of the project is in Grant County and that is in another Corp of Engineers area. They have not approved any stream work out of that office since a couple retirements and new people were brought in. Since I am not personally familiar with more, I will leave it at that and just say that it is a roadblock to our getting started. I suspect that we will eventually get a permit, but the construction season is almost over. We will finish next year as permitting allows.

Again, thank you so much for your past and present support.

Brian Larson – Past President and Project Co-Leader.