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About the Elliott Donnelley Chapter

The Elliott Donnelley chapter of Trout Unlimited (EDTU) proudly stands as Chicago’s own. Not just a mark on the map, we were the pioneering chapter outside the founding state of Michigan.

Dive into our meetings and you'll quickly pick up on our collective love for fly fishing – don't be surprised to stumble upon cherished fishing photos! Yet, our meetings reveal more than just tales of great catches. They spotlight our dedication to conserving the fisheries we adore. Collaborating with fellow TU chapters, local DNRs, and communities, we aim for results that transcend personal gains. Beyond the conservation achievements, we cherish the bonds we forge with locals wherever we set our conservation goals.

Why join EDTU?

By joining EDTU, you're not just becoming a part of a chapter; you're entering a community. Here's what membership offers:

  • Community & Fellowship: Connect with fellow fly fishing enthusiasts and make lasting friendships.

  • Conservation Efforts: Participate in conservation projects across Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, and Iowa. Last year alone, EDTU donated over $34,000 to impactful projects.

  • Chapter Benefits: Enjoy monthly events, meetings, and unique fishing trips, and gain access to guest speakers. Benefit from a vast network of experienced fly anglers ready to share their insights and stories.

  • Supportive Businesses: We're backed by businesses sharing our conservation passion. As a member, you're encouraged to utilize their services and products, knowing they support our cause.

Not to forget, 90% of your membership and donation dollars fuel direct conservation projects.


EDTU members presenting a check to TU Dare on a chapter fishing trip in the Driftless region of Wisconsin.

Joining EDTU

Joining EDTU is a straightforward process:

  1. National Membership: Sign up for the national Trout Unlimited membership at just $35 annually. By default, based on your residence, you become a part of our EDTU family

  2. Active Participation: While there are no attendance obligations, we encourage you to attend our monthly meetings, share your fishing escapades, and participate in our conservation initiatives

  3. Stay Connected: Reach out to our membership chair Dan Meskimen ( for further information on maximizing your EDTU experience

Inspired Action:

  • Volunteer: Lend a hand in our various conservation efforts.

  • Chapter Leadership: Passionate about our cause? Consider leading initiatives or becoming a key part of our chapter's administration.

  • Fishing Buddy Events: Bring along a friend to our special events and introduce them to the world of Trout Unlimited.

Stay Informed

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